New Tractor and Farm Machinery Sales

Andrew Giltrap and his department heads at Giltrap AgriZone negotiate at the highest levels with manufacturers and distributors to get the most up-to-date, top quality agricultural machinery at the best possible prices.

Our main equipment brands:

CASE IH Case IH – Tractors (20-600 hp) and Harvest equipment

Manatou Manitou – Loading Solutions

KUHN Kuhn – Harvesting, Seeding and Cultivation equipment

LELY Lely – Harvest equipment

Sigma4 Sigma 4 – Front end loaders and attachments

 GiltrapEngineeringLogo Giltrap Engineering – Feeding out and trailer equipment, Trailers etc

ProDigLogo ProDig – Agricultural attachments

Arcusin Arcusin – Bale Stackers and Bale Loaders

Taege Taege – Taege Engineering specialise in building innovative machinery demanded by New Zealand farmers. Taege products include seed drills, tyre rollers, cultivation machinery and post drivers.

Hustler Hustler – Feeding equipment and sprayers

Kinghitter Kinghitter – Hydraulic Postdrivers

Vogal Vogal – Fertilizer Spreaders

Taege Major Equipment – Major Equipment.

Plus, a range of other equipment brands.