At Giltrap AgriZone we are able to offer competitive finance, lease and hire.


  • Flexible terms and deposit
  • Payments to match your cash flow
  • Simple documentation
  • Fixed interest rate allows you to budget with certainty
  • Ownership of the tractor/machinery upon completion of the agreement
  • Leaves other credit facilities undisturbed
  • Tractor/machinery shown as asset in business accounts
  • Tax-deductible interest charges and depreciation
  • GST content claimable at start of the contract


Giltrap AgriZone offers finance and operating lease options. The type of lease depends on the term chosen


Giltrap AgriZone offer for hire tractors and machinery for short term – subject to availability



  • Typically offered on tractors or limited farm machinery
  • Lease to rent
  • 6 to 48 month term
  • Not recorded as an asset on your balance sheet
  • GST claimed on each instalment
  • Drive a new tractor/machine with minimal outlay
  • Fixed payment for entire term
  • No residual value risk – lease again or walk away at the end of the lease period


  • Lease to buy
  • 12 to 48 month term
  • Recorded as an asset on your balance sheet – interest, depreciation and GST deductible
  • Opportunity to buy at the end of the lease

Terms and conditions

  • Normal lending criteria apply
  • Business buyers only