Stop Mucking Around!

xcel1250-on-case-1With ever tightening regulations around effluent, cost-savvy farmers are realising the value of manure, both from a nutrient level, and the ability to increase organic matter.

As a contractor the challenge is to pick a machine that can deal with different materials and different consistencies.

The Hi-Spec Xcel 1250 takes a conventional style body with a moving floor and combines it with a transversely mounted horizontal shredding rotor, and twin, high capacity spreading discs.

For a long working life the main components are shot-blasted and painted with a two-pack system, while chassis and other key areas are protected with a heavy-duty galvanised coating.

The moving floor which transports the load to the shredding rotor uses four, 25 tonne breaking strain chains, with bolted up slats, and features a hydraulic drive system for variable speed control, and ultimate overload protection.

xcel1250-on-case-2The shredder rotor makes extensive use of Hardox steel and carries 22 grade 10 chains fitted with 12mm Hardox flails to shred material to an even consistency, while dealing with stones, rocks or any other “items” found on a contractors round. Once shredded, the material falls onto a 2.0 metre wide, shear-bolt protected twin disc spreader system, with interchangeable vanes for differing density materials. The shredder/spreader layout allows operators to deal with farm yard manure, chicken waste, sewage sludge, and hard to spread products like burnt lime, while a slurry door with rubber seals takes care of the runny stuff. High output typically sees 12 tonne loads discharged in 3 minutes, and up to 24 metres spreading width.

With an un-laden weight of 7 tonnes, and a 12 tonne capacity, running gear is a 10 stud commercial axle, equipped with brakes, and 580-70 R38 tractor tyres, while drivelines use heavy duty Comer gearboxes rated to 200hp.

Standard fitments are extensive with wide angle PTO, access ladder, hydraulic slurry door, and auto chain oiling. Options include a DigiStar weigh system than works with 4 load cells which can be linked to GPS for proof of placement.

Giltrap AgriZone is the official New Zealand importer of Hi-Spec products. Contact Ben Peters for further info.

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