The MLT-X 732 Premium is the perfect machine for a first-time investment in a Manitou telehandler.

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The MLT-X 732 telehandler is an excellent first-time investment choice or option for users looking to make the step up from a tractor to the versalitily afforded by telehandlers. Easy to use, it’s perfectly suited for new users to perform various farm applications.

The MLT-X 732 has a lifting height of up to 7 metres, maximum capacity of 3.2 tonnes, a 95 hp Perkins engine to give you the power you need for various tasks as well as a 4-speed powershuttle gearbox for optimum control in specific applications. Notoriously easy to use, the MLT-X 732 Premium suits agricultural applications from novice to advanced Manitou telehandler drivers. With the comfort of an ergonomic cab equipped with a comfortable seat and JSM controls for maximum productivity, this Manitou telehandler is suitable for drivers working for long hours.

Technical Specifications


3200 kg

Lift Height

6.9 m




Torque Converter with box Powershuttle


95 hp